GENIE GROUP Sales and Media Enquiries
Call us on 0203 1294472 or email

Contact information for the GENIE GROUP - developers of the NETGENIE content management system and the ADGENIE ad-targeting platform

Management Team
The GENIE GROUP Ltd is an award-winning, experienced management team

GENIE GROUP's management team has more than 20 years' experience in Internet advertising technology, website development and Content Management Systems.

Privacy Policy

GENIE GROUP is fully committed to preserving the privacy of advertisers, publishers and internet users who receive content distributed by GENIE GROUP Ltd systems and software at all times.

Websites in minutes - NETGENIE

NETGENIE is an Integrated Web Publishing and Ad serving Tool that incorporates powerful, immediate Web 2.0 features. more...

ADGENIE - Totally-targeted dynamic Advertising
One-to-one targeting to an audience of millions

ADGENIE is a unique dynamic advertising and targeting system that allows advertisers to target and populate banner adverts in real-time. more...


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